Build Smart Government

December 2, 2020 1:00 pm EST

During the pandemic, governments and citizens learned the importance of legacy systems, applications and programming languages, like COBOL. The software that still runs a significant amount of our government systems sits below our visibility — and has not yet been modernized. A massive spike to these systems, sometimes as much as 1000%, has revealed the need to improve and update.

In this event, IBM Developer Advocate JJ Asghar will walk you through a unique way to approach your learning journey on containers, with the example of a containerized COBOL program on Kubernetes, and OpenShift. Though COBOL is a legacy language, it is perfect to show the flexibility and capability of OpenShift. We’ll even show you how to set privileges to secure your application properly, an even higher priority for state and local governments who are dealing with increasing security concerns. This event will offer:

—  An overview of Kubernetes
—  A view of Cloud-Native Application Development
—  How this project accidentally came together
—  Why this project is important to the real world today
—  An example of a basic ETL pipeline based with COBOL on Kubernetes
—  And host an interactive discussion on why there is No reason why your language couldn’t run the same way