Burlington Data Scientist Meetup

April 1, 2019 6:00 pm AST

This is a full length talk that will expand on Maureen’s 6-minute rapid fire talk at the Dec 19th winter party.

Talk Description:
With increasing regularity we see stories in the news about machine learning algorithms causing real-world harm. People’s lives and livelihood are affected by the decisions made by machines. Learn about how bias can take root in machine learning algorithms and ways to overcome it.

From the power of open source, to tools built to detect and remove bias in machine learning models, there is a vibrant ecosystem of contributors who are working to build a digital future that is inclusive and fair. Now you can become part of the solution. The audience will learn about open source tools for incorporating machine learning in web and mobile applications, skills for identifying bias, and open source tools built to combat bias in machine learning models.

About the speaker:
Maureen McElaney is a Developer Advocate at IBM’s Center of Open Source Data and Ai Technologies and enjoys broadening IBM’s understanding and involvement in open source communities. Prior to joining IBM, she worked as a QA Engineer at Dealer.com. She founded Girl Develop It Burlington and co-organizes Vermont Code Camp.

60 Lake Street, Burlington, Vermont, 05401, United States