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Call for Spot Challenge for CodeNet – Setting up your system for the challenge

October 27, 2021 8:30 am ADT

Increasingly software plays a role in every aspect of our lives, from managing Covid-19 and our finances, to interacting with other humans in education, work, and entertainment. There are critical shortages of software developers and experts across the world. With large numbers of services and apps in popular programming languages and over 200 billion lines of mission critical legacy COBOL code, having methods to analyze, develop, and maintain software in more automated ways is essential for progress. As a step along the way to automation, join the challenge to find programs that perform similar tasks. The  team that makes the best prediction wins. The challenge is based on an extract from Project CodeNet which is a large-scale dataset with approximately 14 million code samples, each of which is an intended solution to one of 4000 coding problems.

Researchers David Kung, Geert Janssen, Wei Zhang, and Vladimir Zolotov will explain how to set up your system to train your models. They’ll answer any questions too. 

Contestants should be familiar with PyTorch or TensorFlow.

More information http://ibm.biz/cfcsc-codenet – Do join us.