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#CallforCode Melbourne – City hackathon

July 5, 2019  |  Hackathon

CallforCode Melbourne will be run over 2 days, with doors opening at 10am day 1 (29th) and hacking kicking off at 1pm. Weve scheduled in time for half hour workshops on day one to cover some basic cloud stack talks and ibm staff and mentors will be on hand throughout the afternoon to help hackers build out early stage ideas. 
Hacking finishes at 1pm day 2 (30th) with Doors closing at 5pm day 1, hackers can still keep working through the night if needed (from home) with doors opening again at 10am day 2 and a 1pm tools down.
Day 2 after hacking has finished we will have teams presenting what they built to 3 judges (for the city hack prizes), teams will have 3 minutes (this will be timed in a powerpoint slide with auto music play) with judges then getting 2 minutes for questions before the next team is ready to present (AV dev will need to work that stage). 80 people will be around 16 to 20 teams so should take an hour and a half with some padding. 
There will be spot prizes for the first 15 in line (led gaming keyboards) and best tweet spot prizes given out during the hack on day 2 plus some spot prizes for best tweet, etc that we can give out during both days.
Ive included some lines for various tweets to be in the run sheet and ideally this will be content that will go out via IBMDeveloper. 
We will also have video and cameras on hand to capture run of stage and other content for use later in the event wrap blog posts and local call for code content. 
The event run sheet is available here (wip) …. https://ibm.box.com/s/ujvtp9vj4vafdmqmoys2nnmy2h2b20qv 

10 La Trobe Street Melbourne, Ground Floor, Melbourne, 3000, Australia

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