Capital Go, 2020

March 26, 2020

Capital Go is the Mid-Atlantic’s annual Go Developers conference. Join us for two days of Go goodness inside the capital beltway!

Go is a language heavily used for web api building. What makes a good api? How can we build apis that are robust and extensible? Writing a good API is an evolving process.

If you are coming to Go from a different language you might be used to using some framework for building REST APIs. Although that seems to increase developer productivity in the beginning, I feel like you loose a lot of visibility and flexibility because of the abstraction. The Go ecosystem favors libraries over frameworks. We will use a library to build our API. Using a library gives us the ability to easily change and modify our API.

In this talk we will learn why use go for api building and learn some of the best practices in making a good API.

1680 Capital One Tower Dr, McLean, 22102, United States