Chatbot 101 – How to build your own chatbot


June 30, 2020

It is imperative that learning and development can continue in times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Our community wants to contribute with its specialists, technology and knowledge to support the collective effort to mitigate the negative effects of this health and social crisis. Our community is holding online hands-on workshops for those interested in learning about emerging technologies and how to use them.

Have you heard of Watson and cognitive computing and wondered what are these or how they can help you? If these topics are on your mind, join us for the ONLINE event about Watson Assistant on 30th June, powered by IBM Cloud.

As an AI-powered chatbot framework for building conversational assistants, IBM Watson Assistant offers a variety of bot-building tools. Find out how you can use the Watson Assistant framework to create chatbots for enterprise communications, your own website, or deployment to different messaging applications.

Let’s experience together how easy it is to build a chatbot! We are supporting visionaries, technologists and entrepreneurs to learn and share.

Please make sure you join the event on the meetup group, as we are going to share the webinar link two days prior to the event to those who are registered for it 😉!

Here’s our
Cisco Webex SiteC agenda for the event:

18.00 → 20.00
– What is a Chatbot?
– Introduction to IBM Cloud and IBM Watson Assistant
– Setup de Watson Assistant service
– Understanding user intent: create intents and entities
– Building Chatbot responses: create a dialog tree
– Test your Chatbot!

20:00 → ∞

Looking forward to meeting you all in the virtual space! Let’s all contribute with experience, tools, and resources to ensure learning never stops 😊

Bucharest, Romania