Chicago Python Users Group Data SIG Meetup


January 15, 2020 6:00 pm EST

Chicago Python Data Special Interest Group’s (SIG) 2020 Kickoff will be held on January 15th. This month’s meeting is graciously hosted and sponsored by IBM!

6:00 – Doors open
6:30 – Talks Start
8:30 – See you all next time!


Our talks:

Open-source libraries for Trusted AI
by Svetlana Levitan

Machine learning has moved from the lab into many critical application areas affecting lives and well-being of many people. This includes health care, financial services, justice system, self-driving cars, etc. This makes the issue of trust in ML very important. Are the models fair, explainable, robust to adversarial attacks? In this session we will discuss open source Python libraries created by IBM Research that are designed to address all those issues.


Out-of-core Nested Octree for LiDAR
by Arushi Rai

Have you ever had data that was too large to process in memory? See how I used pickle to create a custom out-of-core data structure to store massive LiDAR data and the problems that arose from using a nested octree.

Arushi is a CS major at Illinois Tech (IIT) who loves LiDAR and geospatial stuff.


Additional talks descriptions to come

71 S. Wacker Dr, 6th floor, room 6607, Chicago, 60606, United States