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CJUG Meetup – GraalVM the Universal Runtime


July 9, 2020 6:00 pm EST

GraalVM is the first comprehensive multilingual runtime, with a completely language-agnostic architecture and providing competitive (and usually better) performance than runtimes optimized for a single language and with zero-cost interop. We have demonstrated complete language fidelity across a wide variety of languages with many diverse & unusual features such as R, Ruby, and SmallTalk as well as popular languages like JavaScript, Python, and the JVM language family (Jáva, Scala & Kotlin). We have also built low-level interpreters for LLVM bitcode and X86 assembly that get processed by the GraalVM JIT compiler and run in the managed sandbox (with bounds checks, garbage collection, and so forth).

GraalVM compiles either in ahead-of-time mode or in a dynamic compilation mode. so you can turn Jáva into an AOT-compiled language generating a binary executable like C or Go (providing fast startup and low footprint), and make C a JIT-compiled language with garbage collection like Jáva. GraalVM is also designed to be embedded in other runtimes like databases or edge computing servers, or dedicated devices with virtualization at the language runtime level.

In this session, you will see some of the different ways to use GraalVM and the ways you can get superior performance and flexibility for your programs, especially for the cloud.



Eric Sedlar

Eric Sedlar is Vice President & Technical Director of Oracle Labs. This position entails figuring out how to transfer research results from Labs research into Oracle products & services, as well as setting overall technical direction for new research projects in Oracle Labs. A few of the major projects in Oracle Labs in Eric’s team include:

GraalVM: our multilingual, embeddable, high-performance JIT compiler & runtime
PGX: Our distributed graph analytics technology
KeyBridge: a deep-learning facility for security analytics on cloud operations
RAPID: a scale-out analytics engine for the cloud

Eric manages over 200 fulltime researchers and developers working on over a dozen separate research areas. Eric’s own research interests are in extensible database technologies, and in particular in integration of compiler technologies and database concepts.

Previously, he led the effort for XML-native storage inside Oracle. Eric has held various architecture and development management positions at Oracle since starting there in 1990. He holds over 68 patents, and has served on standards organizations for Oracle in the W3C and IETF. He co-authored the Best Paper at SIGMOD 2010 on architecture-sensitive search trees.


Chicago, United States