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CJUG Meetup: OpenJDK Project Amber panel discussion with Stuart Marks and Friends


October 30, 2020 7:30 pm EST

Join us as we welcome our special *distinguished* guest speaker, Stuart Marks – whom we all know as @DrDeprecator, to this show! Stuart will be leading a panel discussion with “friends”:

Freddy Guime (CJUG President Emeritus)
Bob Paulin (CJUG Board Chairman)

with Paul Nauman (CJUG Board) as the moderator.

Topics of discussion include: Project Amber, Serialization, Collections… etc, and even “fun stories” from Stuart.

We are inviting you all to chime in as well. This should be a very interactive and fun event as we are still celebrating the 25th birth year of Java!!


ABOUT OpenJDK Project Amber:


Chicago, United States