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CJUG Meetup: OSS@CJUG – Open source with Kotlin and Groovy


October 9, 2020 12:00 pm EST


Want to learn a fun and modern language for the JVM that has been adopted by the masses? Why not give Kotlin a try? In this session I’ll provide a high level overview of Kotlin and we’ll discuss how you can help contribute to the Kotlin ecosystem.

Grow languages the ASF way with Apache Groovy. Apache Groovy has been around for 17 years and has been with the Apache Software Foundation for the last 5. Come learn a little bit about Groovy and then we’ll do some hacking of project itself!


Bob Paulin (Twitter: @bobpaulin)
• Java EE/Java SE Developer
* ASF Member, Apache Tika PMC, Apache Felix Committer
• Presenter/Podcaster/Devoxx4Kids Organizer/Java Champion
• Board Chair, Chicago Java User Group

Josh Juneau (Twitter: @javajuneau)
• Java EE/Jakarta EE Developer
• EE4J Committer, Apache NetBeans PMC/Committer
• Presenter/Podcaster/Java Champion/Jakarta EE Guardians
• CJUG Board Member

Chicago, United States