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CJUG Meetup – Why Scala?


August 27, 2019

Scala is a JVM programming language that combines the Object Oriented Programming and Functional Programming paradigms with a strong, static type system. The language is 15 years old and continues to experience strong growth. Even so, many developers have had little exposure to the language or the concepts behind it. Many of the talks about Scala on the Internet are focused on complicated theoretical topics and are geared towards experienced Scala programmers. They offer little value to developers who aren’t already accomplished Scala programmers.

This talk is different. It tries to answer the question “Why should I care about Scala?”. It will briefly describe the Scala language and how it compares to other programming languages. But the main focus will be on providing concrete examples that demonstrate the value that Scala brings to software development. How the language can improve developer efficiency, increase code correctness and prevent bugs, and how the type system can be used to create richer data models.

Speaker: Marc Saegesser

2 N Riverside Plaza, Rewards Network, Chicago, Illinois, 60606, United States