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CJUG Online Meetup – It’s Always Sunny with OpenJ9 by Dan Heidinga


May 12, 2020 6:00 pm EST


So you’ve been deploying Java in the cloud and are wondering how to handle the new world of containers, microservices, and memory constraints. Cold starts got you down? Wondering how the JVM is adapting to this new world? Come learn about the Eclipse OpenJ9, a cloud-focused JVM that brings a small memory footprint, great startup, and new innovation to your Cloud Native journey.


Special Sponsorship from the JakartaEE Working Group (https:/

We are very grateful to the JakartaEE Working Group ( for their generosity in sponsoring the worldwide JUG community with our livestreaming needs during the current pandemic situation.

Note: Please RSVP and the Crowdcast URL will be provided to you prior to the meetup event.

Chicago, United States