Cloud native app development-effortlessly from start to live!

August 24, 2019

Getting started with Appsody
Appsody ( is a new open source project that enables a developer to get bootstrapped with cloud-native development from day zero. Appsody does a lot of magic. It offers pre-configured stacks – an application template and Dockerfiles – using which developers can iteratively develop cloud-native applications in different languages – Java, nodejs, swift etc. and different frameworks like Spring Boot2, express.js and Microprofile. The appsody CLI encapsulates the docker and kubectl commands, presenting a simpler interface to work with kubernetes, making it a fun affair to start/stop the app, test it in a container or deploy it to a kubernetes cluster . Today, Appsody supports 3-4 languages. It can be easily extended to support newer languages and templates. The end-goal of appsody is to inculcate cloud-native development into every developer on your team.

Workshop: Build cloud-native apps faster for Kubernetes with Kabanero


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