Cloudflow: Spark, Flink, and Akka Working together on Kubernetes


July 2, 2020

Streaming is a huge part of building modern software. The industry is littered with tips, tools, frameworks, and engines directed at helping developers solve steaming problems but when push comes there is no one silver bullet.

Streaming problems require a variety of tools working together to deliver high-quality solutions. Cloudflow is an open-source project from Lightbend designed to make it simple for developers to use the right tool for the job when building streaming applications. Cloudflow makes it simple to use the best features of Spark, Flink, Akka, and Kafka together running on top of Kubernetes.

In this session we will dive into the concepts behind Cloudflow and what makes it a unique streaming framework. We will also dive into a Cloudflow application and by the end of the session you will understand how Cloudflow helps developers build higher quality streaming applications, with fewer lines of code, and much less frustration.

### SPEAKER BIO ####
Nolan Grace is a Senior Solution Architect at Lightbend who spends his time helping customers build faster, cheaper, and more resilient software. Nolan enjoys traveling the world attending and speaking at conferences and meetups as well as designing and implementing solutions for customers. Nolan is also a committer on the Lightbend Cloudflow project. So if you have any questions about Akka or Reactive technology or if you just want to talk about something cool you are working on Nolan would love to chat.