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Code Mesh V: The Alternative Tech Conference


November 5, 2020 11:00 am CET

We bring together a unique mix of programming language inventors, developers, innovators, researchers, and visionaries to help solve real-world problems using innovative, non-mainstream tech.

This year Code Mesh goes virtual – opening up the conference to an even more exciting spectrum of speakers, attendees and partners. It will run across timezones for attendees in the Americas and Europe with the opportunity to catch up with any talks you miss via the conference app.

DAY 1 (UK TIME) 10 AM – 6.30 PM

Code Mesh will demonstrate how thinking beyond the conventional can empower you to master the challenges of implementing distributed systems in the multicore era.

The lineup is what you have come to expect from Code Mesh, with Cynthia Solomon speaking about Logo, functional programming pioneer David Turner on his recent open-sourcing of Miranda, Turing Award winner Leslie Lamport doing an ask me anything session on Maths and Programming and Felienne Hermans leading a panel on Type Systems featuring Scala co-creator, Martin Odersky and other well known programming language inventors. Speakers are from some of the biggest and best companies in tech including – Facebook, Google, Lightbend, Red Hat and others.

A combined Half or Full-Day Tutorial and Conference ticket combo can be purchased via our Eventbrite page which you can reach from the ticket section below. Once on Eventbrite, you can select which of the inspiring tutorials you would like to attend – for any help you can email us directly at

Don’t forget that, as the conference will run virtually across US and European time zones, people who have been unable to visit Code Mesh previously will, at last, have the opportunity to enjoy live talks, workshops, networking and idea-sharing no matter where they are located. SHARE. LEARN. INSPIRE.


London, United Kingdom