Code@Think Digital Summit Benelux (7 sessions)


June 12, 2020 8:00 am CET

Saving lives, ethics and more


Finally a developers’ summit organized in a way you like: online. No hassle choosing what to wear, how to drink your coffee or when to get a haircut. We can add a well-known Dutch proverb here: every disadvantage has its advantage, although that disadvantage remains: there is no developers’ night at IBM headquarters in Amsterdam and no way to share a beer or other drink with your colleagues. 

The summit starts Friday morning June 12th at 9:00 AM and ends around 14:00 PM and has one main track for developers Code @ Think with a separate workshop track for hands-on sessions. If you want to know what happened on Developer Night last year, check out last year’s report in Dutch.

We’re going to explore COVID-19-data and how to use all those data streams for modeling, we’ll talk about ethics, do some IoT oxygen sensor coding, how to go serverless with Java and how to save lives with drones, visual recognition and Watson Studio. In between sessions there are a number of breaks to go to other locations, check out the Tweakers collaboration or just to get yourself a refill.

Here you can register for this online event.


A glance at the schedule

9:30AM – 5 Hour commutes, shifting tech stacks and getting sued, my life as an IBM Developer Advocate in NYC.

The summit starts with a half hour keynote from Justin Halsall, who will also host the event. His keynote will look back at his life as a developer advocate for IBM New York where he was the face of IBM’s outreach to developers and startups in North America and Europe. Now he’s back in the Netherlands and has his own startup, Record Once. He will also share his experience as a hackathon veteran and how to join Call for Code and explain what it is all about.

As the founder of Record Once, Justin helps technology companies document their products without tedium. He has over a decade of startup and development experience and has occupied the roles of Technology Evangelist, Director of Developer Programs and Chief Technology Officer.

10:15AM – Exploring COVID data
Data exploration is the major part of any data intensive project. Using COVID data from the EU CDC you will find out how to explore, format and visualize data using the well known pandas library in Python. During the exploration we will address many practical aspects of obtaining significant insights from data, where you’ll find that the link from curiosity to relevance isn’t always easy. Get half an hour of inspiration with experienced data scientists! 

Damiaan Zwietering is not only hosting the discussion panel, but also COVID data exploration lecture and the hands on workshop using this data for modelling. He is an IBM developer advocate and data scientist who has dedicated his career to achieving results in the real world by innovating with information. He was a developer, consultant, architect and sales engineer in the area of data warehousing, business intelligence and advanced analytics before his current position as a developer advocate for data science, specializing in the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

11:00AM – Hands-on workshop: Modeling COVID data
Building on the exploration workshop, we invite you to join Damiaan for a hands-on session to discover how to make more sense of the COVID data from the EU CDC. You can work in a Python environment in IBM Cloud, using mathematics, statistics and perhaps a little machine learning to generate models and find out why forecasting is a hard challenge.

11:00AM – Coding an IoT sensor for oxygen monitoring using MQTT and Node-Red
Yves Debeer will give you some insights about IBM’s Call for Code program that is tackling today’s biggest challenges, including COVID-19, see also In this session you will learn how to use a simple Oximeter as an IoT sensor for patient monitoring using MQTT and Node-Red.

Yves is a developer advocate for IBM and is based in Brussels. His work focuses on IBM Cloud, Kubernetes, Watson AI, Internet of Things, Mobile development and Node.js. As a developer advocate, he shares his knowledge with other developers and teaches how to use the technologies to create innovative applications and solutions. In his spare time he is a triathlete who enjoys running, cycling and swimming.

11:45AM – Go Serverless with Java and Quarkus
Serverless computing is a modern build and execution cloud model that brings to the cloud a set of properties that are central to the serverless promise: little to no concern about operations, auto-provisioning, auto-scaling and pay-per-use with zero cost for idle time. As developer you can finally focus on your code and rely on the cloud platform to manage the infrastructure for you. You’ll get a brief intro to serverless by Edward Ciggaar, what it means to developers, and why it’s important to understand this technology.

Edward works as developer advocate for IBM and is based in Amsterdam. His passion is to personally interact with developers and to show them the possibilities of our latest technology. He is always in to build fun demos and sample code that support developer productivity. His focus areas are IBM Cloud, blockchain and the Watson APIs. In his spare time Edward loves to play soccer, both in real-life as well as online.

12:30PM – Hands-on workshop: Now it’s Your Turn to go Serverless with Java and Quarkus
After a short break following the tech talk, we’ll get to live coding serverless Java functions ourselves in this hands-on workshop. You’ll see why Quarkus as a framework is so ideal to use for cloud native development and serverless in particular. You’ll become familiar with the basics of IBM Cloud Functions and you learn how to deploy serverless functions to the cloud. For this workshop you’ll need a basic understanding of Java and an IBM Cloud account. If you don’t already have one, you can sign up for free here.

12:30PM – Save lives with drones / IoT / Visual Recognition
This session is an introduction to Visual Recognition and Watson Studio, hosted by Hans Boef. He will use drone aerial images to survey damaged neighborhoods and identify damaged and intact houses.

Hans is a Developer Advocate working in the IBM Innovation Space in Amsterdam. He helps developers from startups to corporates with the use of IBM Cloud in general and more specifically IBM Watson and IoT. He uses different ways to engage with developers, such as attending meetups, mentoring at Hackathons, speaking at conferences and giving workshops to small to large audiences.


How to get to the summit

That’s a bad joke. Go online and go there. First sign up for the event and make sure your morning coffee, tea or other favourite energy drink is where it should be. You can follow the keynotes using your mobile phone, but we advise you to get in front of your laptop or desktop computer. If you would like to join one of the hands-on sessions, make sure to have your IBM Cloud account. You can get one for free here.
Needless to say we are very glad we can do this event in this not-so-personal way and we hope to continue talking to you somewhere in the future in real life. See you soon!


Amsterdam, Netherlands