Cognitive @ IBM – Flows, features and fun with Node-RED!


September 11, 2019

You’ve probably heard of Node-RED. You know, that super awesome, browser-based, draw-the-flows and connect-the-nodes tool for integrating IoT devices with applications? Yes, exactly that one. Maybe you’ve considered using it, maybe not. But we want to show how you can have fun with it! Expand your knowledge and learn how to use Node-RED and to dive deep with us into its functions and features by joining our hands-on workshop.

Experience with Node-Red or building apps is not required, as we will help you getting started. Node-RED consists of a Node.js-based runtime that you point a web browser at to access the flow editor. It would also be interesting to look at the following:

We will be using for this workshop IBM Cloud free account (, but you will be able to use Node-RED skills on any platform that supports Node.js including Raspberry Pi.

WHO is this for?
This workshop is for anyone that wants to get a quick walk-through the features of Node-RED tool. Whether you’re already familiar with the tool or just curious about flow-based programming, you’ll find this Meetup the perfect event to start expanding your knowledge and to experiment with ideas. We are also including useful tips and tricks for experienced developers who are going to join us. We are supporting visionaries, technologists and entrepreneurs to learn and share.

WHAT will we cover?
We already have a detailed plan for you:
• What is Node-Red?
• Installing Node-RED on a Pi and in the Cloud
• Creating ‘flows’
• Installing nodes
• Importing and exporting flows
• Presenting some useful nodes
• A bit architecture details
• Lines of code vs workflow
• Building a (simple) IoT device
• Smarthome Applications
• Securing Node-RED
• Watson IoT Starter
• Links and Docs

Our speaker: Andrei Petre Sebe
Since 2007 he is Solution Manager and Software Architect in IBM Romania CIC Europe, responsible mainly for Europe, but also involved in deals from America &Asia. He has a PhD in Engineering Sciences, from University Politehnica of Bucharest. He is a passionate Developer Advocate and IBM Academic Ambassador.
Was involved for more than 30 years in community projects including electronics, software, automation and mechanisms and has his own laboratory at home that allowed him to approach different themes such as: developing IoT on Node-RED and Watson, Raspberry Pi, home appliances, projection mapping, stage model robots and different wing or multirotor drones.
He has a broad technical experience and knowledge, seeking and meeting challenges by working hard and putting passion in everything he does. Lately, has been actively involved in Node-RED workshops and held robotics initiation and IoT courses for students in schools and universities.

Here’s our agenda for the evening:

18.30 → 19:00
Doors open, food, drinks, networking

19:00 → 20:45
Hands-on Node-RED Workshop

20:45 → ∞

We look forward to seeing you there!

IMPORTANT! Bring your laptop and charger.

Orhideelor street, The Bridge building, Bucharest, Romania