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Community Dev Series: An Open Future for Java in the Cloud?

April 16, 2020

Join us for the first webinar of our new Developer series!

This session examines both the open future and the current ecosystem of Java. As technology advances in the cloud, so do the ways it is developed and delivered. What are the implications of new communities replacing much of the old governance around Java? What are the consequences of having multiple vendors of OpenJDK or the emergence and growth of a disparate set of views about what cloud-native actually means? It’s an exciting time for Java as so much new technology and ideas are evolving, but it’s a scary time for Java developers, too. What should you learn next? What’s on the up or the down? The changing business landscape around Java support in the industry is shaking things up! In this talk, see the facts and figures that outline what the Java ecosystem looks like and where it could be heading. This talk will help you answer this important question: Will the Java community continue to rise to the challenge of keeping Java vital, healthy, and moving forward or is there a darker future ahead?

Steve Poole
Developer Advocate for IBM Cloud Runtimes

Steve describes himself as a Developer Advocate, DevOps practitioner (whatever that means), long time IBM Java developer, leader, and evangelist. Steve has been working on IBM Java SDKs and JVMs since Java was less than 1. He also had time to work on other things including representing IBM on various JSRs, being a committer on various open source projects including ones at Apache, Eclipse and OpenJDK. Steve is a member of the Adopt OpenJDK group championing community involvement in OpenJDK.  He is a seasoned speaker and regular presenter at JavaOne and other conferences on technical and software engineering topics.