Community Dev Series: Containing your development – why Cloud IDEs are the future

May 28, 2020 1:00 pm EST

Webcast Summary 
Can you remember a time before IDEs? No? Let’s take you on a journey of exploration into why IDE’s exist and how they are evolving in new directions. We’re so used to thinking about IDEs as a one stop local shop, My IDE, my laptop, all mine. The future of development is changing as the reality of Cloud Native brings new thinking to how developers have to interact with their creations. It’s clear that some or all of our historical thinking about development environments must change. How does this effect you? In this session hear how your favourite IDEs are gaining new capabilities to interop more effectively with Cloud Native environments like Kubernetes, Docker etc. Whether building, testing , deploying or debugging the tools we use for Cloud development are evolving and the IDEs have to follow along. Lean where this is all going and why and see what the future of IDEs may be. With demos and examples with Eclipse, Visual Studio and Intellij among others we’ll explain step by step why having that Uber-laptop may become a thing of the past.

Steve Poole
Developer Advocate, DevOps practitioner, and long time IBM Java developer, leader, and evangelist.

Andy Watson
Development Manager at IBM and Advocate of Eclipse Codewind