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Containers and Kubernetes Essentials Workshop

August 18, 2021 4:00 pm EDT

This lab is an introduction to using containers on Kubernetes in the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS).

🎓 By the end of the course, you’ll achieve these objectives:

  • Understand core concepts of Kubernetes
  • Build a Docker image and deploy an application on Kubernetes in the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service
  • Control application deployments, while minimizing your time with infrastructure management
  • Add AI services to extend your app
  • Secure and monitor your cluster and app


👩‍💻Who Should Attend

  • Back End Developers
  • Cloud Developers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Serverless Developers
  • AI Developers



Evan Blache, Manager, Cybersecurity Operations Platform @ IBM
Montrez Whitsett, IBM Cloud Software Engineer