[Crowdcast] A Cloud Native Story: Part 4 – Introduction to Service Meshes


January 27, 2021 4:00 pm CET

From developers, for developers. IBM Developer and Consol present a Cloud Native Story

Part 4 – Introduction to Service Meshes and what kind of (un)usual use cases they enable.

Software in companies is a difficult beast to manage. The transition to microservice architecture didn’t help to make it easier. For sure, microservices help to increase the deployment cycles. The complexity, however, has been increased as well. After this transition the next step is to introduce a way to increase the observability, policy-enforcement and so on. 

In this talk we will have a look at the problems that are becoming more prominent when using a distributed system, i.e. mircoservices. We will see in which ways Service Meshes are trying to tackle the problems and for which use cases they offer a solution. The demo shows how Istio workplace can be used to speed up development.


Talk – 45 mins
Q&A – 15 mins

Speaker: Olaf Meyer, ConSol

Olaf Meyer is a senior consultant at ConSol GmbH. He supports & advises customers and colleagues in getting started with OpenShift and Kubernetes as well as in the operation of applications on these platforms. He is also interested in simplifying and thus accelerating activities related to the development of Cloud Native Software. Furthermore, he gives lectures at OpenShift & Cloud Native Meetups.

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