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[crowdcast] Application Modernization Step by Step: Modernizing Java Code – Tools to the Rescue


June 10, 2021 5:00 pm CEST

Session 3 – Modernizing Java Code – Tools to the Rescue

Accelerate application modernization code changes using the Eclipse based WebSphere Migration Toolkit. Learn how to set up the scanner to get the most out of this powerful developer’s tool which can be used for evaluate Java EE and Java SE differences when moving to Liberty or between WebSphere Application Server versions.

Speaker: Cindy High
Cindy is a WebSphere Application Server migration architect focusing on application and configuration migration.

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Application Modernization Step By Step

Do you want to learn how to modernize 10+ year old Java applications to gain benefits from the cloud? Do you want to try this yourself following step by step instructions and an end-to-end open source example? Then you should attend this webinar series!

Application modernization is not trivial and doesn’t happen over night magically. Application modernization is a journey with multiple steps where every step adds value. In this webinar series we will cover the key steps: analysis, containerization, refactoring, replatforming, and more.

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The webinars will be provided by domain experts and top speakers from IBM, mostly from the core development teams responsible for IBM’s application modernization strategy.

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