[Crowdcast] Application Security Series: Best Practices – Developing Secure Applications


April 28, 2021 4:00 pm CEST

In this session, we talk about Developing Securely with Enterprise Clients. You will learn about how the dynamics of development change when operating at an enterprise scale, including the diversification of roles and responsibilities. We’ll look at Kubernetes environments and how to use GitOps and automation to increase development velocity while also maintaining an appropriate level of security. In addition, we’ll see how layering in open source technologies such as Istio and Vault can improve our security posture without compromising our developer experience.

Join us every Wednesday at 16:00 CET April through June.

Speaker: Chris Weber, IBM Cloud Garage
Chris has been with IBM for 6 years and has worked with a variety of enterprise clients as a part of IBM zSystems Product Engineering, Watson Client Solutions, and most recently the IBM Garage for Cloud. He enjoys working with client to solve problems, is an avid Disney fan, and loves using technology to pick up new hobbies.


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From developers, for developers. Join our journey to Application Security.

Application Security Journey for Developers
Join us in this series – every Wednesday- discover more about the area of application security. Learn how to secure your applications and processes, protect your data and mitigate the risks of Fraud and Threats. Build Smart. Build Secure.

As developers and architects, we build applications which solve business problems of our clients and sometimes are the backbone of their business. If these systems are insecure, they can destroy the client’s reputation and result in severe legal consequences. Addressing this issue, the “Application Security for Developers Journey“, is a series of talks and hands-on-sessions in which we will highlight security from the perspectives of architects and developers.

In case you missed any of the previous sessions in our series and are interested to learn more, you can find the replays here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/app-sec-dev-learning-journey

Berlin, Germany