[Crowdcast] Build a chatbot with Watson Assistant


October 20, 2020

From developers, for developers. Build a chatbot using the Watson Assistant search skill.

🤖The typical customer care chatbot can answer simple questions, such as store locations, hours, and directions, and maybe even make appointments. When a question falls outside of the scope of the pre-determined question set, the option is typically to tell the customer that the question isn’t valid or offer to speak to a real person.

💬 In this developer tutorial, we use the typical customer care chatbot experience, but instead of relying on predefined responses the dialog provides a hook that can call out to other IBM® Watson™ services for additional sources of information. In this case, it’s an owners manual that has been uploaded to Watson Discovery.

☁️ In preparation for this hands-on tutorial, we recommend participants to register for a free IBM Cloud account here https://ibm.biz/BdqQGb and evaluate the Watson Assistant and the Watson Discovery services (no credit required).


Free IBM Cloud Account, please sign-up before the workshop if possible: https://ibm.biz/BdqQGb (no credit card required)

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