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[Crowdcast] Cloud Computing – The Public Cloud in your own Data Center


March 4, 2021 4:00 pm CET

From developers, for developers!

Distributed cloud architectures allow IT leaders to harness the benefits of public cloud services in different geographic locations, however the operation, governance and development of services remain the responsibility of IBM Cloud. 

☁️   Did you know? 

Satellite is an IBM Cloud service that creates IBM Cloud regions.

🎓    What to expect? What will you learn?

This session on IBM Cloud Satellite will cover how to take IBM Cloud data centres in locations, for example, in Dallas, Frankfurt and London, and extend their ability to run IBM Cloud services onto client infrastructure, anywhere the customer provisions it.

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👩‍💻   Who should attend?

Developers, IT leaders and those interested in DevOps, containers and application deployment.