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[Crowdcast] Data&AI Series: Trusted AI – Cognitive Bias and Threats Deepdive


February 23, 2021 4:00 pm CET

This session will cover the technical side of using AI in a trusted and responsible way, through the governance and scaling of Data and AI lifecycles.

As we shared in our previous talk about Trusted AI (, there are many examples of how data can be biased. This can go both ways: good and dangerous. In this session, you will get live hands-on experience on how IBM Watson OpenScale can support in tackling these challenges. We will also share various insights into use-cases and methods.

With model monitoring and management on a data and AI platform, you can:

Monitor model fairness, explainability and drift
Visualize and track AI models in production
Validate and test models to mitigate regulatory, reputational and operational risks
Increase end-to-end visibility of AI lifecycles
Speaker: Sebastian Fink

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