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[Crowdcast] Modern Enterprise Architectures with Enterprise IT Systems – Legacy or Goldmine?


November 4, 2020 4:00 pm CET

From developers, for developers.

This talk will give you a modern view on enterprise IT and Mainframe computing, introduce you to some bits of technology that are unique in the industry and show you how modern paradigms also transform the way software, that was written many years ago, is maintained and enhanced.

Learn how major players in the IT industry work with existing legacy IT, how it is enhanced and maintained and what the plans are for the upcoming years. Some words one might not expect: Cloud Native, DevOps, RESTful APIs, moder Languages, Linux, Containers, Micro Services and SRE are all topics that are key for mainframe computing 2020.


Tobias Leicher started as a student in IBM and quickly became interested in Mainframe Computing, where he has spent most of his career so far. He started as a specialist for CICS and Java on the platform and helped many customers across Europe on their journey to modernize their Systems. These days he focuses a lot on modern application architectures (Microservices and Cloud Native) and deployment models in times of the cloud computing. He is part of the worldwide zChampion Team, where he has special interest in the topic of modernization and Hybrid Cloud and works as Architect for German Customers in the area of banking and insurance.

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Berlin, Germany