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Cumbre de Contribuidores en Software Libre – LatAm

September 14, 2019

The Cumbre de Contribuidores en Software Libre – LatAm, it’s an event targeted to Latin American developers who are curious about contributing or getting actively engaged in Open Source projects. The objectives of this event are:

1) Bring content from the open source industry to the LatAm community

2) Create a space for the community to interact, team up and mentor others.

Is the 1st event dedicated to improve accessibility for latin tech practitioners to contribute to world leading open source technologies, focusing on delivering content in Spanish & providing hands-on mentoring opportunities.


We want to host 500 developers: 50 Senior, 50 Advanced and 200 hackers. In a 2 day event, where day 1 will be focused on content about open source economics and day 2 will be focused on education, workshops and competitions.


Google Cloud, Google Mexico, IBM Mexico, Tacit Knowledge & Wizeline are organizing companies.

Amado Nervo 2200, Jardines del Sol, Zapopan, Jal., Guadalajara, 45050, Mexico