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Data Science with Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning and SPSS Modeler

May 19, 2020 5:30 pm EET

Are you interested in understanding Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

After having defined the concepts, you will be introduced to the IBM suite of Cloud services available for this field.

The second part of the presentation will be a hands-on workshop, where we will be creating a predictive model with SPSS modeler for patient data, to predict what is the best drug to prescribe for a patient, given different health metrics.

Time and systems permitting, we will be deploying the model to a Streaming Analytics flow to do real time predictions.

💡Why attend

Participants will get a good basis for both AI, Machine Learning and also relevant IBM Cloud services in conjunction with IBM’s AI IDE, Watson Studio.

🎓 What you will learn

 In this hands-on workshop developers will learn:

  • Learning about predicting capability in Watson Machine Learning
  • Working with data in SPSS Modeler
  • Creating and reviewing ML models (C5.0 decision tree)
  • Deploying ML model
  • Consuming the model

👥 Who should attend

Any person interested in Data Science and in particular, Machine Learning.

📌 Pre-requisites

Please do the following before the workshop: 

  • Sign-up for IBM Cloud account:
  • It is advisable to have some exposure to statistical concepts.
  • Python programming is not necessary, but welcome


Viktor Kaznovsky