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Data Virtualization on Cloud Pak for Data

October 13, 2020

Learn how to make your data ready for an AI and multicloud world with the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform. In this workshop, you will get an understanding of the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform, an open and extensible platform that runs on any cloud, and you will discover how this platform can accelerate your journey to AI to transform how your business operates. During this 3-hour instructor led workshop, you’ll gain experience with the Data Virtualization capability of Cloud Pak for Data. You will learn how to view, access, manipulate and analyze data without the need to know or understand its physical format or location through Data Virtualization.

This course helps the attendees to gain the understanding of Data Virtualization, one of the IBM Cloud Pak for Data’s key capabilities through series of presentations and hands-on labs exercices.


Presentation of the Cloud Pak for Data platform, architecture of the platform
– Lab 1 : Getting started: discover Cloud Pak for Data User Interface and main functionalities

Collect data (in-cluster databases, connect to existing data sources, Data Virtualization)
– Lab 2 : Review data connections
– Lab 3 : Data Virtualization
– Lab 4 : Data Virtualization with Caching

Basic understanding of Data, Business Intelligence, ETL, Statistics and Data Mining

3 hours virtual session – EAG Paris