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Datahack Haifa Meetup & Workshop

August 5, 2019  |  Workshop

IBM and DataHAck Haifa invite you to join a special hands-on workshop and learn how to build a machine learning recommendation engine to encourage additional purchases based on past buying behavior. 

During the workshop you will understand how to:

· Use Jupyter Notebooks in IBM Watson Studio

· Build a recommendation model with SparkML and Watson Machine Learning to provide product recommendations for customers based on their purchase history

· Build an interactive dashboard using PixieApps

The session is practical, so please don’t forget to bring your laptop

One more thing – you will get a 6-month promocode worth $1200 USD in IBM Cloud services, so you can easily build and deploy apps to production environment in the cloud.

Tal Neeman is a Developer Advocate at the IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator. Responsible to make it easy for developers to use IBM Cloud Platform, Tal conducts workshops and lectures about cloud computing, blockchain, AI, mobile development, kubernetes, docker, servereless, IoT and various technologies that can be used in IBM Cloud for start-up and developer communities. Being a Developer Advocate Tal is also responsible for developing cloud-based applications using micro-services such as Watson services for chatbots, speech analysis and other NLP-Based and AI application to help other developers start their cloud application faster.

Avi Vizel is a Developer Advocate at IBM with a decade of development experience in a variety of roles. He can be seen speaking at various conferences and participating in local tech groups and meetups. He is currently curious about magic behind AI and Deep Learning. 

HaNamal 32, Sarona Space, Haifa, Israel

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