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Deep Learning Works – Evenement vol ai en deep learning door IBM en Tweakers Amsterdam


September 12, 2019 12:00 pm CET

On Thursday 12 September, Deep Learning Works will take place, a fully organised event by Tweakers and IBM for everyone who wants to know more about ai and deep learning. Between 15.00 and 21.00 hours you will follow a workshop and keynotes at IBM in B.Amsterdam. Always wanted to know how to use state-of-the-art deep learning models in applications or services? Or how you can use deep learning techniques to analyse bins with data from iot projects? Sign up quickly and who knows, you may be selected. The number of places is limited.
Deep Learning Workshop

The program starts with the workshop ‘How do you integrate open source-deeplearning models in your own applications? During this workshop you will learn how to make the best use of the Model Asset Exchange on IBM Developer. DamienThere you will find freely available, open source, state-of-the-art deep learning models for commonly used application domains, such as text, image, audio and video processing. It covers implementable models that can be executed locally or as microservice on Docker or Kubernetes. The workshop will be given by Damiaan Zwietering, an IBM-developer lawyer with experience as a developer, consultant and architect. Last year Zwietering was also one of the speakers at the Tweakers Developers Summit.
Practical information

Date: Thursday 12 September 2019

B.1, B. Building Amsterdam.

15.00-15.30 hrs – Walk-in
15.30-17.30 – Workshop
17.30-18.15 – Dinner
18.15-18.45 – Keynote 1
18.45-19.30 – Keynote 2
19.30-21.00 – Drinks

After the workshop and a hearty meal, the evening continues with two keynotes. The first keynote will be announced later, but the second keynote is already known. During this session, an iot project will be used to delve deeper into the analytics. Such an iot project generates a lot of data, of course, but what can you do with it? How can you analyse all this and draw conclusions from it? Romeo Kienzler is flown in from Switzerland to show how you can analyse iot data using advanced techniques such as deep learning. Romeo Kienzler is chief data scientist at CODAIT, the IBM department that makes the Model Asset Exchange available. He is a big fan of open source, data privacy and decentralization, and prefers to invest his time and energy in designing ai-systems that people actually need.
Sign up

Are you interested and do you want to be here? Sign up now and have a chance to be at Deep Learning Works on Thursday 12 September! We select thirty people for the workshop and keynotes, and another thirty for just the keynote.

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