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Deploy a Pytorch model that can perform the Object Detection on IBM LinuxONE platform


November 26, 2021 10:00 pm IST

Future of the Data and AI is all about train anywhere and deploy anywhere. Pytorch a data science framework provides production grade, scalable distributed training for NLP and computer vision developments. Hands on experience of deploying a ML model(PyTorch) on IBM LinuxONE system is even more exciting. Get your hands dirty by deploying a YOLO model using Pytorch and gain deeper understanding of creating an industry grade object detection models

In this workshop, you get an opportunity to run next-zen AI workload on IBM LinuxONE platform. The following topics will be covered as part of the session

– [ ] Overview – IBM LinuxONE and PyTorch
– [ ] Understand – Object Detection and Image Processing architectures
– [ ] Learn inferencing – Machine learning model with Pytorch on IBM LinuxONE

To Know More About :
IBM LinuxONE : 
PyTorch      : 
YOLOv5       : 

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Bangalore, India