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Developer and Entrepreneur Program – University of San Andres, Buenos Aires – ‎06/‎12/‎2019

June 12, 2019  |  Workshop

Universidad de San Andres (UDESA) is a crucial and prestigious university for entrepreneurs and startups located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Every year, they launch a program called Developer and Entrepreneur Program which wants to contribute to the development of the country through the promotion of the entrepreneurial culture using technology including IBM Cloud and Watson. Also, University of San Andres´s members identify high impact businesses and they give entrepreneurs strategic advices to lead the market and launch their products. This workshop will enable us to reach entrepreneurs and developers and promote IBM Cloud and Watson solutions. Also, it will increase the use of IBM products for the whole entrepreneurship cycle and startups set up.

Vito Dumas 284, Buenos Aires, 0000, Argentina

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