Developer Festival

October 18, 2021 11:00 am CET

Let’s continue the conversation; build smart and build secure with the right tools and services by working with the world’s largest technical support provider for open source. Our Developer Festival and brings together developers who want to tap into the collective power of open source, cloud and Artificial Intelligence.
Developer experts from IBM and beyond collaborate to show you how to get hands-on with open source and enterprise technologies.

Join us at this virtual, three-day event.

Explore the variety of topics and innovations, whether existing tech or ground-breaking fields: from quantum computing to infrastructure, from Machine Learning to DevOps. Here are some highlights not to miss: Quantum Computing and a Raspberry Pi?! Machine Learning; deploy a Chatbot to WhatsApp; Ethics and Artificial Intelligence. 

Day 1 – Quantum, Automation, and ML:
Day 2 – Open Source, Databases, AI & ML:
Day 3 – Cloud and OpenShift:

During the conference you can accelerate your Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation journey, with various applications and use-cases. Simplify and automate, turn your data into insights. Learn how open source technologies like Kubernetes, frameworks like Tekton and ArgoCD, and platforms like Red Hat®OpenShift® combine to support your application modernization or cloud migration skills, through sessions on application development and DevOps implementation.

All Developer Festival sessions will be in English.

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