DeveloperWeek 2022 (virtual) – The world’s largest developer & engineering conference & expo

February 7, 2022 9:00 am PST

IBM is excited to be a Partner Sponsor at DeveloperWeek 2022 (Virtual), the world’s largest developer & engineering conference & expo. We look forward to connecting with you to explore the impact of key technologies, from Data & AI, to Hyperledger Fabric, and Quantum, on the future of application development. To help make your event experience even better, IBM will be delivering sessions on these topics, providing hands-on experience in a Quantum-focused workshop, and will have content and deep dive materials in our booth.


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  1. Monday, February 7 @ 11:00 PT – PRO WORKSHOP: Hyperledger Fabric, an Enterprise-Grade Permissioned Distributed Ledger Framework – Arnaud Le Hors, IBM

    Hyperledger Fabric is the most popular framework for developing blockchain applications for the enterprise. This session will present its unique characteristics, some of the use cases it is designed for, and discuss the latest developments and what’s yet to come. Attendees will leave with the information they need to get started developing their own applications with Fabric. 

  2. Tuesday, February 8 @ 13:00 PT – Quantum Computing Workshop with Qiskit – James Weaver, IBM Quantum Developer Advocate

The buzz about quantum computing has been rapidly increasing lately, and a growing number of developers have been looking into the subject. Concepts developers typically find challenging after cursory investigation of quantum computing include: superpositions of quantum bits (qubits), quantum gates, quantum entanglement (Einstein’s “spooky actions at a distance”), and the relevance of Schrödinger’s famous cat.

In this workshop, James Weaver gives a gentle introduction to quantum computing, followed by leading the participants in hands-on activities that leverage IBM Quantum simulators and computers


1. Wednesday, February 9 @ 12:00 pm PT – App development using Data Quality for AI APIs in IBM Developer Playground – Jai Shirole, IBM & Amol Dhondse, IBM

Data Quality for AI APIs is a new offering from IBM Research, published on IBM API Hub. The Data Quality for AI is an integrated toolkit that provides various data profiling and quality estimation metrics to assess the quality of ingested data in a systematic and objective manner. These metrics quantify data issues as a score between 0 and 1, where 1 indicates no issues were detected. The session aims at demonstrating and providing hands-on instructions to participants to help them explore a sample application using the Data Quality for AI APIs in IBM Developer Playground.

2. Tuesday, February 8 @ 11:30 PT – Quantum Computing with Qiskit – James Weaver, IBM Quantum Developer Advocate

This brief talk by IBM Quantum Developer Advocate James Weaver introduces quantum computing with Qiskit to classical developers, and touches on the following concepts:

    • Contrasting classical and quantum computing
    • Axioms of quantum mechanics with Grumpy Cat
    • Using IBM Quantum Circuit Composer
    • Using IBM Quantum Lab (Python notebooks)
    • Resources and next steps for attendees

IBM Booth: 

Join us in our virtual booth and find materials, including eBooks, videos, and other valuable materials to help you in your exploration of key and emerging technologies.