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DeveloperWeek Austin – cloud-native, AI, Edge, & more

November 6, 2019

IBM Developer is a proud sponsor of DeveloperWeek Austin, 2019

The week includes:

  • 40+ Dev Exhibitors with the hottest technologies
  • 100+ Visionary talks and technical workshops
  • 1,500+ developers, executives, and entrepreneurs
  • City-wide events for all pass holders

Highlights from IBM

Why every developer needs to know about Edge Computing (20 minute stage session) 

Thursday, November 7 • 1:30pm – 1:55pm

Speaker: David Booz, STSM, Emerging Tech & Advanced Innovation, IBM Cloud
Abstract: Why does every developer need to understand Edge Computing and its key use cases today? Because analysts have pointed out that Edge Computing is key to the next wave of cloud innovation, particularly in data-rich industries and manufacturing, where IoT will bring more intelligence and automation, particularly with 5G. This session will provide you an understanding of the central use cases behind Edge Computing for Devices with a focus on how you can deploy and enable developers to envision the future potential of what could be built on top of it. The session will also provide technical details of IBM’s Edge Computing and how it is structured to provide additional context when working with our products.

Test your coding skills: Code for Coffee Quick Lab

Location: IBM Booth in Expo Hall

Great news — Coffee is good for you! According to a recent study, you can drink up to 25 cups of coffee a day with no long-term ill effects.

During DeveloperWeek Austin, we challenge you to use your coding skills for coffee. In 15 minutes or less, with a few lines of code, you’ll train a machine learning model to identify coffee mugs, bags, and a supporting cast of donuts. You can then claim victory and a special coffee-focused prize. Join us at the IBM Booth to engage in our Code for Coffee Object Recognition quick lab!

Check out the lab now --

Workshop: Simplify rapid cloud-native development for Kubernetes with Appsody and Java

Wednesday November 6, 2019 11:00am – 12:30pm — Workshop Stage 1
Speakers: David Okun (lead developer advocate) & Sanjeev Ghimire (developer advocate)
Abstract: Developing and deploying modern cloud native applications is challenging. You will need to select and integrate modern frameworks and tools, consider and manager security and compliance, and come up to speed on a new and diverse set of skills for multi-disciplinary teams. In this workshop, we’ll explore Appsody, a modern open-source environment designed to simplify app development for deployment to Kubernetes environments. We’ll use a pre-configured Appsody stack featuring Eclipse MicroProfile and Java running on Open Liberty to rapidly build and extend an app. Then we’ll use features of Appsody to deploy the app to Kubernetes with very little effort. Best of all, the technology and instructions are all available on GitHub, so you can try it all over again at home after the conference

Hackathon – IBM Challenge

Nov 6, 8:00 AM – Nov 7, 4:00 PM CST

Prizes: 1st Place – tote bag, hat & eco friendly reusable straws

Challenge: Create your application/solution using at least one MicroProfile feature running on Open Liberty.

Outline: MicroProfile, a set of open Java technologies for developing cloud-native microservices, defines a set of APIs that your application can leverage for health checks, metrics, fault tolerance, externalized configuration, security, and more. Open Liberty provides the latest versions of MicroProfile and Jakarta EE features under one open-source, flexible, lightweight framework. The winning team will make the best use of the MicroProfile features provided by the Open Liberty runtime.

Hackathon Registration:

IBM Booth (Expo Center)

Join us in the Palmer Events Center at the IBM Booth to talk everything from cloud-native development with Kubernetes, microservices, OpenShift, and more. Discover the latest in AI and machine learning using IBM Watson and get some cool swag. Plus, get your hands on the code with a fun “Code for Coffee” quicklab.