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DevNexus 2020 – Atlanta, GA

February 18, 2020 1:00 pm EDT

The IBM Developer team is excited to be the Unobtanium sponsor at the DevNexus conference, the largest Java conference in North America. We look forward to connecting with you to explore the impact Java is having on technology of all kinds, especially in the area of Cloud-Native application development and deployment. To help make your event experience even better, the IBM team will be delivering sessions on new and relevant topics, providing hands-on experience in Workshops and QuickLabs, and will have many of our own developers and contributors at our booth to discuss the latest in levering JakartaEE, Eclipse MicroProfile, Open Liberty, OpenJ9, Spring, and emerging open source technologies to accelerate your Journey to the Cloud and cloud-native development.


Check out the following ways to engage with our contributors.


Wednesday, February 19 @ 9:00 – Kubernetes 101 Workshop – JJ Asghar, IBM
Wednesday, February 19 @ 9:00 – Java Security Workshop – Steve Poole, IBM (with Brian Vermeer, Snyk)
Wednesday, February 19 @ 9:00 – Extending Spring Boot for Enterprise – Billy Korando, IBM
Wednesday, February 19 @ 9:00 – Cloud Native Microservice with MicroProfile, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio and OpenShift – Emily Jiang, IBM


Thursday, February 20 @ 10:20 – Reactive Microservices in Action – Emily Jiang 
Thursday, February 20 @ 11:20 – Seven Principles of Productive Software Developers – Sebastian Daschner

Thursday, February 20 @ 11:20 – Runtime Security for Containers – Spencer Krum
Thursday, February 20 @ 13:10 – An Open Future for Java in the Cloud – Steve Poole
Thursday, February 20 @ 13:10 – Afterlife tales: Troubleshooting containerized applications – Ana Maria Mihalceanu
Thursday, February 20 @ 13:10 – How to fail at building modern microservices – Alasdair Nottingham
Thursday, February 20 @ 14:10 – How to get along with HATEOAS without letting the bad guys steal your lunch? – Steve Poole, Graham Charters
Thursday, February 20 @ 14:10 – Java and Containers – Make it Awesome – (Dino) Dinakar Guniguntala
Thursday, February 20 @ 14:10 – Ethical hacking – The Culture for the Curious – Jayashree S Kumar
Thursday, February 20 @ 14:10 – Applying AI to IoT Data: From Sensors to Insights at the Edge – John Wallicki
Thursday, February 20 @ 15:30 – Future of Java Panel – Sebastian Daschner Dalia Abo Sheasha Angie Jones Venkat Subramaniam Mark Heckler Grace Jansen
Thursday, February 20 @ 15:30 – It’s always sunny with OpenJ9 – Dan Heidinga

Thursday, February 20 @ 16:40 – KEYNOTE: Decoding the weather: How GRAF and New Computer Modeling can Change Everything – Kait Parker (

Friday,      February 21 @ 10:20 – Reacting to an Event-Driven World – Grace Jansen
Friday,      February 21 @ 10:20 – Metrics for the win! – Erin Schnabel
Friday,      February 21 @ 10:20 – Containing your development – why Cloud IDEs are the future – Steve Poole
Friday,      February 21 @ 11:20 – Migrating Beyond Java 8 – Dalia Abo Sheasha
Friday,      February 21 @ 11:20 – Thirst-quenching streams for the reactive mind – Mary Grygleski
Friday,      February 21 @ 11:20 – Write tests that spark flow – Sebastian Daschner
Friday,      February 21 @ 13:10 – Open JDK Panel – Dan Heidinga, Yishai Galatzer, Dmitry Chuyko, Simon Ritter 
Friday,      February 21 @ 13:20 – Collaborative Contract Driven Development – Billy Korand
Friday,      February 21 @ 14:10 – Modern Enterprise Java from the ground up – Sebastian Daschner
Friday,      February 21 @ 15:30 – Large scale distributed AI computing on the JVM – Mo Haghighi

IBM Booth:

QuickLabs – get your hands on the code and quickly build cloud-native apps and microservices with Open Liberty featuring Jakarta EE and Eclipse MicroProfile. Your prize for completing a QuickLab is a really cool pair of socks. 
  • Get started with cloud-native on the open Java stack
    Have a go at developing a cloud-native microservice on a fully open source and open standards stack. Use the Eclipse MicroProfile programming model to develop a robust and flexible microservice. Deploy it to the Open Liberty server running on the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM. Handle microservice metrics and alerting with Eclipse MicroProfile Metrics and Health. Finally, build and run the application in a container ready for deployment to your favorite cloud.
  • Explore REST microservices on Open Liberty
    You will learn how to run and update a simple REST microservice on an Open Liberty server. You will use Maven throughout the guide to build and deploy the microservice as well as to interact with the running server instance.
Space Sentry Challenge – Defend DevNexus from Alien invaders! Take control of a spaceship and unleash the power of its energy beam weapon. Climb the rankings on your way to become top cadet in Star Academy. Our Space Sentry Challenge re-imagines your childhood dream with Lego, Raspberry Pi, PlayStation hardware, and modern Java technology. While you’re with us, ask our developers about the underlying technologies they’ve used to create the demo. That includes Open Liberty, also known as “the most flexible server runtime in the cosmos,” and Eclipse MicroProfile, a baseline platform definition that optimises Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture and delivers application portability across multiple runtimes.
Lightning Talks & Interviews – Join us for a series of lightning talks, demonstrations, and live streamed interviews with some of the experts in the industry, from IBM and other organizations.

285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW,, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, 30303, United States