DevOps Day Tel Aviv 2021


November 24, 2021 9:00 am EET

DevOpsDays Tel Aviv is coming back for its EIGHTH time to bring some of the longest-running DevOps community events in Tel Aviv together into ONE AWESOME {in-person} event.

DevOpsDays Tel Aviv is part of the global devopsdays event series, bringing in participants from the entire global devopsdays community. To learn more, you can visit our event on the main website.

Join leading industry speakers along with DevOps, SRE, platform, production and operations engineers for two full days of sessions focusing on best practices in modern engineering – from the infrastructure and operations to the systems and processes. DevOpsDays is a volunteer-led event, by the community for the community, with talks contributed by some of the best from our local community as well as the global DevOps community, with a variety of talks from beginner through advanced levels, so literally anyone can join and enjoy the sessions.

Join us for a single-track DevOpsDays with a dedicated track for Cloud Native & OSS Day and Statscraft each day.

Robert Barron, AIOps Solution Engineer, will describe the way the space station was developed and the lessons Site Reliability and DevOps Engineers can learn from it.

“The International Space Station has been orbiting the Earth for over 20 years. It was not launched fully formed, as a monolith in space. Instead, it is built out of dozens of individual modules, each with a dedicated role – life support, engineering, science, commercial applications and more. Each module (or container) functions as a microservice, adding additional capabilities to the whole. Not only do the modules need to function together, delivering both functional and non-functional capabilities, they were designed, developed and built by different countries on Earth and once launched into space (deployed in multiple different ways), had to work together – perfectly.

Despite the many (minor) reliability issues which have occurred over the decades, the ISS remains a highly reliable platform for cutting edge scientific and engineering research.

BIO:Robert works for IBM, helping clients improve their IT Operations. He is an SRE and AIOps evangelist who enjoys helping others solve problems even more than he enjoys solving them himself. Robert has over 20 years of experience in IT development & operations and is happiest when learning something new.

He lives in Israel with his wonderful wife and two children. His hobbies include history, space exploration, and bird photography.

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