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DevOps Singapore – Knative pipelines and Terraform Best Practices

March 14, 2019

This meetup will include two talks. The first one is “Developing a CD pipeline with Knative”, by Andrea Frittoli (IBM). Andrea will give an introduction to knative pipelines, (now called tekton pipelines) the newest addition to the Knative project. Andrea will provide examples on how to use it in combination with other knative components. The second talk is “Terraform modules and best-practices”, by Anton Babenko. Anton will talk about different aspects when using Terraform – from common problems and solutions to best practices. During the talk, he will also cover Terraform modules, how to use them in a typical Terraform project, and what are the limitations of Terraform modules. Anton will try to answer any questions related to Terraform. The talk will be rather interactive with real code, so feel free to bring your problems and questions.

140 Robinson Rd · Singapore, Pivotal Labs, Singapore, Singapore