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Devoxx Antwerp Belgium

November 4, 2019  |  Conference

From 4-8th of November IBM will be present at Devoxx Belgium. Devoxx Belgium is a 5-days conference where developers and architects come together and explore the latest technology advancements.


Visit our booth

We are welcoming you at our booth where developers are available to help you with any challenge you face.  You can also join one of our quick labs. That’s your opportunity to experience hands-on how it is to work with one of the latest technologies. Choose from topics like #AI #CloudNativeJava #MachineLearning #Serverless and more. No prereq needed, we’ve the laptops ready for you to use. Join one of the quick labs and get your limited-edition IBM Developer SWAG!


You’re invited!

Join us on Wednesday evening, 6th November to exchange lessons from Devoxx while enjoying free drinks. This is your chance to meet and greet with IBM’s experts and external speakers. More info and to enroll will come soon.


Join our sessions

At Devoxx Belgium we will be hosting several sessions with speakers coming from all over the world. Check below the first confirmed sessions:

·      Troubleshooting containerized applications. By Ana-Maria Mihalceanu


·      Helm your way with Kubernetes.By Ana-Maria Mihalceanu


·      MicroProfile BOF. By Emily Jiang


·      Reacting to the future of application architecture.By Grace Jansen


·      THINK-ing Big, THINK-ing Diverse, THINK-ing Forward.By Grace Jansen


·      Jakarta EE Community BOF. By Emily Jiang and Graham Charters


·      Knative: Serverless Computing on Kubernetes. By Mofizur Rahman


·      Understanding What Artificial Intelligence Actually Sees. By Nick Bourdakos


·      Realtime Object Detection in the Browser with Tensorflow.js. By Nick Bourdakos


·      Modern Native Languages – Are they viable alternatives to JVM languages?. By Pushkar N. Kulkarni


·      Monty Python meets the Cloud of Doom. By Steve Poole


·      Welcome to LWorld: The current state of value types in Java. By Tobi Ajila


·      A Deep Dive into Apache Kafka – This is Event-Streaming, Not Just Messaging. By Andrew Dunnings


·      Unit Testing like a Pro – Towards a Testable Design.By Victor Rentea


·      Clean Code – The Next Chapter.By Victor Rentea


·      Evolving a Pragmatic, Clean Architecture – A Craftsman’s Guide. By Victor Rentea


·      Inside the Earth’s Coolest Datacentres. By Jamie Coleman


·      Running Kafka in Kubernetes: a practical guide. By Katherine Stanley


We are looking forward to seeing you in Antwerp!

Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

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