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Digital Developer Conference: AIOps & Integration

April 20, 2021 8:00 pm AST

Register for free and get ready to extend your smart and secure solutions on hybrid cloud—with the latest AI-powered automation for IT operations and integration. Whether you’re a developer, architect, SRE, or IT Ops engineer, you’ll discover ways to invest in AIOps and integration to address challenges with decentralized, microservices-based applications. Our selection of subject matter experts guide you through the essentials, experiences, and exercises to make these worthwhile skills for you and your company.

Focused on the integration development and AIOps communities, this conference provides a free opportunity to design, develop, operate, and experience secure, AI-powered automation for IT operations and integration in your hybrid cloud environments.

Your path to AI-powered automation for IT operations and integration skills

Decentralized applications bring several benefits over traditional application architectures, but also increased need for AIOps and integration capabilities—especially for the enterprise. Open source technologies, like Kubernetes and Docker, allow for consistent and explicit deployment of portable workloads across hybrid cloud environments, but you’ll need new skills to optimize deployments, monitor apps, and remedy problems quickly with confidence using advanced AIOps techniques. Plus, securing your decentralized architecture is critical to successful application development, requiring automated policy enforcement and governance for consistent application security across an organization.

Join us for the essentials, experiences, and labs by the experts to make your AIOps and integration investment successful.