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Dive into chatbots – a beginner hands-on workshop. Everybody welcome.

March 22, 2019  |  Meetup

Chatbots are the new craze, but it takes a good understanding of dialogs and communication to design and implement a usable chatbot. We will learn the underlying principles of a chatbot in this talk and then build one from scratch.

In this talk, you will learn the anatomy of a good chatbot and how the various pieces fit together. We will look at – Intents: to convey purpose or goal
– Entities: make logical decisions based on user input
– Dialogs: design a conversation
– Slots: collect important information to fulfill an intent
– Digressions and Handlers: handle unexpected conversations
– Analytics: improve chatbot on an ongoing basis using metrics
– Integrating with other cognitive services via serverless (time permitting)

3350 Thomas Road, 150, Santa Clara, California, 95054, United States

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