Easily Add Social Logins to your web app using App ID

May 4, 2021 1:00 pm EEST

There is an abundance of Web applications that asks their users to authenticate themselves with unique username/password combinations. Due to this, users have to remember which unique combinations of passwords did they use for which particular website. This leads to lots of issues like what happens when you use the same username/password combination for multiple websites and that has a data breach?

Learn how we can add Social login to our web application and make the authentication process easier for both developers and for the users with App ID.

🗒 Agenda
•Application Security and Authentication
•App ID Benefits
•How App ID works ?
•App ID Capabilities
•Hands-on Lab

👨‍💻Requirements to attend:
•Basic JS knowledge
•Node package manager installed in your pc ( https://nodejs.org/en/ )

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– Majedah Alruwaily