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EclipseCon 2020 (Virtual event)

October 19, 2020 1:00 pm EET

The IBM Developer team is excited to be an Elite sponsor at the first EclipseCon virtual event, an exciting conference for developers, architects, and open source business leaders to learn about Eclipse technologies, share best practices, and more. IBM continues to drive and contribute to key open source working groups and projects within the Eclipse Foundation. Join us at this event to explore and gain deeper insights into the benefits of hybrid and multicloud environments built on trusted, secure, scalable K8s environments. Whether you are looking to modernize your existing monolithic applications into new cloud-native architectures and platforms, or you are building new microservices-based apps, on private or public cloud platforms, using the latest Java and Kubernetes technologies, we’ll be there to help you on your journey.

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October 20:

13:30: What’s new in Java? by Manoj Palat

14:00: Eclipse Tips and Tricks by Lakshmi Shanmugam & Sarika Sinha

14:45: STEM 4.0: Helping save the World from COVID-19, Ebola and other Diseases by Sekou Remy 

16:45: Quarkus – Supersonic Subatomic Java by Anamarija Talijanac


October 21:

13:30: Hands-On Ethical hacking – for the Curious by Jayashree S Kumar

13:30: From non-modular to modular Java programs – What you need to know? by Vikas Chandra

13:30: Secure Microservices made easy with Eclipse MicroProfile JWT by Emily Jiang

13:30: Ubiquitous OSGi – Android, Graal Substrate, Java Modules, Flat Class Path by Thomas Watson

14:00: Using Openshift based Jenkins Infrastructure in Eclipse Platform Project by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti

14:45: Write tests that spark flow by Sebastian Daschner

15:15: What does cloud-native mean anyway? by Alasdair Nottingham


October 22:

13:00: Building a Language Server for Eclipse MicroProfile by YK Chang

13:00: Walking through the Eclipse IDE tooling support for new Java versions by Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi

15:00: Easier integration testing in OSGi: The open source osgi-test project by BJ Hargrave

15:30: Deploying a Modern Serverless Container as powered by Vert.x by Mary Grygleski


IBM Booth:
Be sure to stop by the IBM Booth to talk to our speakers and other subject matter experts about all things open, including modernizing your core Java based applications and building new cloud-native applications. IBM continues to drive and contribute to key open source technologies that enable modern applications, including Jakarta EEEclipse MicroProfileEclipse OpenJ9Open Liberty, Kubernetes and more. Also get hands-on experience through QuickLabs featuring Open Liberty, Red Hat OpenShift, and Microservices.


Ludwigsburg, Germany