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(English): Build a COVID-19 CLI using The Weather Company Disease Tracker


June 3, 2020 3:00 pm GST

Tracking a disease’s progression is incredibly useful in a pandemic like COVID-19. The Weather Company created a Data Disease Tracker API that allows you to track the progression of a disease for a given location. It provides information regarding active diseases including confirmed cases, deaths, and recoveries over a period of up to 60 days in the past.

In this webinar, we will learn how to connect a Node.js application to the Weather Company Data Disease Tracker API endpoint, which includes the following steps:

  1. Obtain a Weather Company API Key
  2. Obtain a HERE Location Services API Key
  3. Install the CLI application
  4. Run the CLI application

Prerequisites & Required Installations:
– IBM Cloud Account – Login in or Sign up at: 
~ Register to Watch the webinar:

03:00 PM – 03:10 PM —> On-boarding and Signups
03:10 PM – 03:30 PM —> Obtaining API Keys
03:40 PM – 05:00 PM —> Walk-through & Questions

After the webinar, the recording will be made available on Youtube:

– Mridul Bhandari
– Saad Tariq

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