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(English): Predict your insurance premium cost with Auto AI


June 30, 2020 7:00 pm GST

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Building predictive models requires time, effort, and knowledge of algorithms to create effective systems that can predict the outcome accurately. With that being said, IBM has introduced AutoAI, which automates all of the tasks involved in building predictive models for different requirements.

Come learn how to build and deploy your very own AI predictive models. IBM Watson Studio AutoAI automatically analyzes your data and generates customized predictive model pipelines. Using AutoAI, you can build and deploy a machine learning model with sophisticated training features and no coding!

Learning Outcomes

✅Learn the Basics of AutoML and AutoAI
✅Learn about Data Pre-Processing and Automated Model Selection
✅Learn about Automated Feature Engineering and Hyperparameter Optimization

Prerequisites & Required Installations
✔️IBM Cloud Account – Login in or Sign up at
✔️Watch the livestream here:

7:00PM – 7:10PM —> On-boarding and Signups
7:10PM – 8:10PM —> Intro to AutoAI and its features
8:10PM – 9:00PM —> Walk-through & Questions

After the webinar the recording will be made available on Youtube:


🌟 Sidra Ahmed | IBM Cloud Developer Advocate – UAE

🌟 Fawaz Siddiqi | IBM Cloud Developer Advocate – UAE

Hosted by

🌟 Upkar Lidder | IBM Cloud Developer Advocate – USA


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