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Epitech – Build a Predictive Machine Learning Model

March 16, 2021 5:00 pm CET

For this new workshop, we propose you to start with a quick overview of the different Data Science tools – Open source and proprietary – available in IBM® Watson™ Studio.

Then, we will follow with a Lab that will give you the opportunity to build and graphically evaluate Machine Learning models using the flow function of SPSS Modeler in IBM® Watson™ Studio.

SPSS Modeler’s SPSS Modeler workflows in IBM® Watson™ in Watson Studio provide an interactive environment for quickly building learning models from data capture, data transformation, model building and evaluation, without the need for code.

For this workshop, we will use a customer attrition data set. You will learn how to create a model to predict Client Churn with a non-programmatic approach.

This workshop will be led by Georges-Henri Moll, IBM Digital Developer Advocate – Data Scientist – Master Inventor (