Epitech – The MayFlower

May 4, 2021 1:30 pm CEST

On May 4 Eric Aquaronne will be speaking on behalf of IBM France Lab at Epitech Paris to present the “MayFlower” project in a session entitled “Crossing the oceans with AI”.

As a reminder
An Innovation Award was presented to the Mayflower Autonomous Boat project at the last CES show in Las Vegas.
The Mayflower of 2020 is a 15-meter long trimaran, covered with solar panels, equipped with electric motors (and a small emergency diesel engine), entirely piloted by artificial intelligence. Using its six cameras and 30 sensors, it maps its environment every second. It is supposed to avoid obstacles, such as other boats, lost containers or whales. However, neither captain nor crew members are on board. The Mayflower is equipped with technologies developed in France, at Sophia Antipolis, by IBM engineers. It was launched on September 15. The Mayflower is currently undergoing seaworthiness tests in Great Britain. She will set sail for good on April 19 from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth, United States, following in the footsteps of her historic predecessor, the Mayflower of 1620, which had taken English Protestants fleeing persecution.