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Expanding SwiftUI with Natural Language Understanding and Serverless

January 28, 2021 9:30 am PST

Join this workshop to discover Cloud Native coding with Watson Natural Language Understanding and Serverless. Focus on the mobile frontend programming by taking advantage of mobile backend capabilities. Try Serverless from your browser during this workshop. Build your powerful Mobile Serverless Backend as a Service (MSBaaS) powered by Watson and consume it from iOS app written with SwiftUI.

🎓What you will learn:  

In this online meetup developers will learn about some of the Serverless coding patterns that are used with Apache OpenWhisk and IBM Cloud Functions. Meetup agenda:

  • Introduction to Serverless technology for mobile development – what it means to do server-side and serverless cloud native programming;
  • Instead of running a bunch of containers or dedicated servers you can save and deploy your backend business logic using Serverless (Mobile Backend use case)
  • The Serverless based approach allows you to use the cloud based processing without additional operation and management costs and enrich your Data
  • You will learn about pros and cons of using Serverless technology
  • You will use SwiftUI call to Serverless
  • You will provision and use the Watson NLU service

👋🏻 Who should attend?

  • Developers, cloud developers, iOS developers, full stack developers

If you think this session might be good for you – join this workshop!

🎙 Speaker

  • Marek Sadowski, IBM Developer Advocate, – Marek is the author of Serverless Swift that was published by Apress in Summer 2020